Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Am Excited!

The cutest and most creative names have been coming into my post for the contest! I can't wait to pick his name. With picking randomly.....I imagine it will be one wild and crazy name! This has been so much fun. I have gone on some of your websites and wow are you ladies busy and creative! I am going to watch my grandson the third week in January and I am spending my time during the day knitting, sewing and searching the web blogs. I am going to enjoy myself. I just love to be with my grandson and being at the CAKE household! Fun, fun, fun!!!! Oh...BTW...Mom and Dad CAKE will be out of town and it will just be me and Connor CAKE...hehehe...we will eat what we want and be naughty.....now what are grandmas for?


Turtle said...

so weird, i kept coming to your site but it wasn't showing the updated posts~ well , lol, i found you ..updated! enjoy your holiday season and be sure to breathe and relax!!

purple-power said...

Have lots and lots of fun with you grandson. Lucky you!

Elaine said...

It's also getting close to your birthday - I hope that is terrific!