Monday, December 01, 2008

It's the Christmas rush now!

The long holiday weekend was very nice. Being at my brother's and his family for Thanksgiving was very nice. I was surprised. But true to my predictions, my sister in law did not make the turkey.....her sister did. But all the food was good....not mom's but good. My daughter came and spent Friday through Sunday with me and it was so nice. We have for years gone shopping and out to lunch, but this year with the hard financial times we did a few things and just enjoyed each others company. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving. I am going to have to start having things at my house. I need that. I feel so scattered and the holidays don't seem all that special anymore.

I had a date on Sunday morning and he seems to be a very nice gentleman. We will see. I am getting rather cynical about this dating thing also. I don't know what people want in life. But that is a whole other story.

I also went to see the play Peter Pan at our local dinner theater. It was as cute as it could be and I enjoyed seeing some ladies I haven't seen in a while. Our local theater really does a phenomenal job when it comes to the plays. Professionals usually play the major parts and locals play the minor parts....the productions have always been great and a real treat.

I need to concentrate now on Christmas and hope I can get everything done. I don't plan on doing much but with my aches and pains it has gotten harder, but I will persevere.

I need to keep the reason for the season in my heart and head and go on from there!

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