Monday, December 15, 2008

Late Night Interesting Find

Last night when I should have been asleep but couldn't seem to get there, I was knitting and happened across an interesting show on PBS. They were interviewing an author, William Seale who has done extensive research on the Presidents and their families. It includes traditions, living conditions, the war, assassination, and other stories that revolved around the lives of these first families. I found it absolutely fascinating. He gave all sorts of tidbits and facts about the Presidents and their families all the way back to Washington. Some information I was aware of and other information I was surprised. Some of the men he spoke of ...well needless to say I was asking my self...was he a president? So today, as a Christmas present to myself, I ordered the two volume set of The President's House and plan to enrich my reading after the holidays. I love history and the fact that I work in the US Capital and not all that far from the White House makes is even more tasty reading. Check out the website and you too might find some fun and interesting gifts!

Don't forget about my 100the post contest.....only 15 more days until I pick two names from the hat!

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