Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's getting closer to Christmas!

For the last few days I have been in a "get it done" mood. I am trying to think of things my family would want for Christmas and I have made up my mind that it must be practical and not just things. I have found some great items on line and at great prices. As for my handmade things....well I am getting them done also. I got one of my overdue swaps in the mail and I felt so good about it. I have two more to finish and I am well on my way.

I am working very hard to have a good attitude with my boss at work. I finally realized she is such a control freak..far beyond the micro manager I knew her to be. She needs to have all attention on herself and she makes sure that all credit is given to her. What a miserable life she is creating for herself. I have watched over the last few weeks her crumbling at the edges....but reap what you sow. Now that I have just let her have her way and just keep telling doesn't matter, she will be gone one day....I am more at peace with myself. I just turned it over to the good Lord and let him deal with it. Enough said.....right?

I am getting so many cute names for my bear. I can't wait to pick from the hat what his name is going to be. I believe once he is named, he will have to be in all my pictures I take and post. It will only be fair....right? Don't forget to post a name if you haven't yet. I will pick the name and post on the 29th of Dec. My birthday! Oh dear...I am now on the downhill slide to 60! It's okay....getting ready to turn 57 is just fine. I like who I am and I can take care of myself....still would like a companion...but hey life isn't all the perfect! One will come along one day, I hope....LOL

Fourteen more knitting and sewing days for me! Well actually family is gathering on the 21st for our annual brunch which I started and my SIL took over. Bigger house and she is an attention person too. But it is okay...I don't have to clean that much and I can relax more.....silver lining to all clouds. LOL

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